Vistas of Sawyer Ranch
Amenity Center
  • Can the pavilion at the amenity center be reserved?
    Yes. The Pavilion can be reserved by submitting a board request through the Contact Us page.  Prior to making a reservation, the Pavilion Reservation Rules and Suggestions must be signed and emailed to or delivered to a board member.  Please let us know the date, time and length of the event.  Please remember, you are only reserving the pavilion - the rest of the amenity center will be open to residents.  Unless authorized by the board, private parties can not exceed four hours and not exceed the parking lot capacity.  Reservations will be published on the Upcoming Events page.

  • Does Sawyer Ranch have a neighborhood garage sale?
    Each spring, Sawyer Ranch has a neighborhood garage sale.  The association will list the sale on Craigslist and other social media siters.  Signs are posted at the Sawyer Ranch entrances and at Hwy 290 and Sawyer Ranch Road. 

  • When do I pay my HOA assessments
    Semi-annual assessments of $330 are due on January 1 and July 1 of each year. 

  • My pet is missing and I would like the seek the neighborhood's help.
    Make sure your pet is registered in the Pet Directory and your pet's information is up-to-date.
    Consider sending a message via one of the neighborhood social media groups:
    Vistas at Sawyer Ranch Yahoo Group (contact Leroy Churchill to request membership)
    Vistas at Sawyer Ranch Facebook Group (visit to request membership)
    Nextdoor (visit to register) — this site has proven extremely successful in finding lost pets.

Prospective Residents
  • I am looking to live in Saywer Ranch, can you tell me about your neighborhood?
    Sawyer Ranch is a great community filled with families with young children to people enjoying their retirement.  Amenities include large, tree covered lots with custom homes, a pool and amenity center, greenbelts, a terrific fishing pond and greenbelt and hike and bike areas.    
    Below are a few of the facts about life in Sawyer Ranch and answers to many of the new resident commonly asked questions:
    • Dripping Springs Independent School District
    • All lots are 1+ acres
    • Association amenity center with pool, pavilion and playground
    • Water provided by West Travis County Public Utility Agency
    • Fire hydrants located throughout neighborhood
    • Fire station within 1 to 2.5 miles depending on address
    • Electricity provided by Pedernales Electric Corporative (PEC)
    • Cable, land phone and internet services provided by Time Warner
    • Competitive trash service providers; Sawyer Ranch Group rates given by Progressive Waste Management (see Governing Documents on Home Page).
    • Private septic systems
    • Private propane storage where applicable
  • What homes/lots are for sale in Sawyer Ranch?
    Check out our Homes for Sale page.  You can also contact a realtor local to our neighborhood.