Vistas of Sawyer Ranch
Amenity Center
Our community amenity center features a pool, pavilion, children's playground and restrooms. The amenity center is the center point for multiple community activities throughout the year.
Hours of Use
The amenity center is open daily from 6 am to 11 pm.
Pool and Amenity Center Use
Residents can review the Pool and Amenity Center Rules here.     
Pavilion Reservations
The pavilion can be reserved for events (i.e. birthdays) by submitting a board request. The reservation is only for exclusive use of the pavilion. The remainder of the amenity center will remain open to homeowners use during your event.  Please be sure to review, sign and email the Reservation Rules and Suggestions to prior to your reservation date. 
The pavilion can be reserved by submitting a board request on the Contact Us portion of this site. Please let us know the date, time and length of the event. Please remember, you are only reserving the pavilion - the rest of the amenity center will be open to residents. Unless authorized by the board, private parties can not exceed four hours and not exceed the parking lot capacity. 
Reservations will be published on the Upcoming Events page.
In an effort to curb vandalism at the amenity center, please report any suspicious activity to the local authorities.  If possible, please obtain the names of those creating any vandalism so the Board might follow up on these issues.
The pond open daily from dawn until dusk and is located at the corner of Huck Finn Trail and Steamboat Crossing.  It is accessible to residents and their guests and is a great spot for fishing, picnics and enjoying the beautiful fountain.  The pond is stocked annually with Bass and Tiliapia.  Motor vehicles are not allowed in the pond area.  
The two entrances to the neighborhood are maintained by the association.  Please report any lighting or other issues to the board.
Greenbelt areas and Sawyer Ranch Hike and Bike Trails
Several acres of greenbelt exist within the community.  There is a hike and bike trail and wet weather creek between Tom Sawyer Road and Huck Finn.  Another undeveloped area exists from behind the Amenity Center to the Pond.  There is a proposed futre plan to create a hike and bike trail in the area. When utilizing the greenbelt area, please respect the property owners adjoining the greenbelt as the property lines are not always marked. The greenbelt is accessible to residents during daylight hours.  No unauthorized motor vehicles are allowed in greenbelt areas or hike and bike trails.