Vistas of Sawyer Ranch
Here are the people who contribute their time toward managing and maintaining our great neighborhood.  If you would like to join one of the committee's, please go to the Contact Us page and send a message to the board indicating which committee(s) you are interested in.
Amenity Center Committee
  • Brent Howell-Director
  • Lights
    • Monitor and get burned out bulbs replace via electrical contractor
    • Change timer's for perimeter lights during daylight savings time months
  • Gates
    • Monitor and when gates do not work properly, contact the property manager who will call contractor to repair.
  •  Pool
    • Notify contractor when water is not clear
    • Monitor pool level and add water as needed during summer months
    • Notify board if contractor isn't performing their contractual duties
  • Men's/Women's Restrooms
    • During freezing weather water needs to be turned off if temperatures are below 30 for any length of time
  • Playground equipment maintenance
  • Septic system maintenance and alarms
Architecture & Variance Committee
  • Kent Willis - Chair (
  • Sheri Blattel
  • Gil Kent
  • Approve new construction
  • Review architecture variances
  • Resolve architecture disputes
Finance Committee
  • Alex Kaczmarski-Director
  • Reviews each month's financials as prepared by property management company
  • Request changes in reports that contain errors
  • Updates the HOA financial spreadsheet that includes the monthly actuals received from property manager; send update to Directors
  • Updates Reserve spreadsheet monthly and send to Board
  • Reviews property manager's monthly assessment report and make recommendations to Board for action
  • Prepares operations budget in November for Board review and approval
Landscape Committee
  • Brent Howell-Director
    • Craig Snook
    • Vicki Hawthorne
    • Cynthia Huff
  • Pond
    • Monitor level to determine when well pump should be turned off or on; if needed, committee is responsible for turning well pump off/on.  Board will approve any changes
    • Monitor fountain and make recommendations as to when fountain cycles on and off; committee will make changes in the pump house if necessary
  • Lights
    • North/South Entrances
    • Monitor status of lights and report burned out bulbs to electrician on call.
    • Daylight savings time will require changes in the mechanical timer on the north end;  south end is on a photocell
  • Greenbelt
    • Monitor greenbelts for maintenance needs
Website Committee
  • Leroy Churchill - Director
    • Karen Ortosky
    • Vicki Hawthorne
  • Approve new members as they request registration
  • Update site when resident requests reservation for pavilion
  • Remove residents from website when they move from Sawyer Ranch
  • Assist Board members in sending out "blast" e-mails.
  • Update website as needed with important HOA news
  • Upload various HOA report such as
    • Monthly Financials
    • Quarterly Board Minutes
    • Annual Property Owner's Minutes