Vistas of Sawyer Ranch
Amenity Center
Our community amenity center includes a pool, pavilion, children's playground and restrooms. The Amenity Center is the center point for community activities throughout the year.  The Center may be monitored for suspicious activity and/or malicious mischief.
Hours of Usage
     Open daily from 6 am to 10 pm.
Pool and Amenity Center Use
     Residents can review the Pool and Amenity Center Rules here.  
Both entrances are maintained by landscape/lawn service contractors.  Questions pertaining to these areas should be directed to the Landscape and Irrigation Committee.
Pond and Greenbelts
Residents and their guests are encouraged to enjoy daylight (dawn to dusk) visits at the community pond located at the corner of Huck Finn Trail and Steamboat crossing.  The pond plays host to a multitude of four-legged and feathered creatures and is great place to relax under shade of large oak trees.  Enjoy a picnic and the sounds of the fountain, or try your luck at catching a bass or Tilapia, which are replenished as necessary. Catch and release only please!

Several acres of greenbelts exist within VSR, including a maintained hike and bike trail connecting Tom Sawyer Road and Huck Finn Road.  Towering trees shade a wet weather creek that parallels the trail.

An undeveloped, hike-only greenbelt area runs from behind the Amenity Center to the pond. 

Visitors to these areas are to respect the property of owners who border the perimeters and to be aware of, and not disturb the wildlife who also call these areas home.  No motorized vehicles are allowed in these areas without prior authorization from the Board

NOTE: VSR HOA will not be held responsible, nor liable, for personal security, injuries, theft or damage incurred by anyone while utilizing the neighborhood amenities.